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Our restaurant opens Friday – Sunday or by arrangement for Private functions. Bookings essential.


The Joy of Food

Our Restaurant

With the majority of our produce grown here at AnnaPurna Estate our ‘Paddock to Plate’ philosophy is quite simple. Our restaurant has the freshest ingredients exceptionally cooked & presented with an ever-changing seasonal menu. 

Catering for all your requirements in an idyllic setting. 
Operating days are from 11AM FRIDAY & SUNDAY (or by arrangement for Weddings & Private Functions). Our Cellar Door is available to hire for small to large groups, with seating for up to 150 guests.

We can arrange catering to meet a variety of your requirements from platters or gourmet barbeques to formal dinners. The unique setting for special celebrations, Annapurna Estate is a popular choice for Weddings, Birthdays and special Celebrations. The views combined with perfectly maintained vineyard and manicured gardens provide a spectacular setting for your special event with stunning photograph opportunities.

We endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible and we’re sure you’ll find our delicious fare reasonably priced.  Annapurna Estate Winery a hidden treasure that you will want to return to again & again.

“We invite you to come and experience our delicious Food & Cool Climate Wines in absolutely stunning surroundings” Ezio Minutello


Our Menu changes constantly due to our ‘Paddock to Plate’ philosophy. Our head chef Daniel Minutello is constantly making new gastronomical delights with only the freshest ingredients available, most of which is grown right here at AnnaPurna Estate. Delicious meals at affordable prices will keep you coming back time and time again. An example Menu below will give an idea of what to expect when you visit us. 



This is an example menu only and is subject to change depending on availability of produce


Marinated Pulled Beef Focaccia $22.50

Finely pulled beef, grilled eggplant and capsicum, caramelized blalsamic onion, tomato, shredded tasty lettuce and a homemade relish layered on a local made Focaccia roll and lightly toasted. Served with an Asian noodle salad and oven roasted sidewinder fries

Infused Chicken Focaccia $22.50

Lightly infused poached chicken, grilled zucchini, Spanish onion, fresh tomato, shredded mozzarella, lettuce and a homemade mayo served inside a local made Panini roll. Served with an Asian noodle salad and oven roasted sidewinder fries

Pull-Apart Chicken & Char Grilled Veggie Tortilla Stack $22.50

Marinated pulled chicken with tomato, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, Spanish onion and cheddar/mozzarella cheese blend with a sweet balsamic reduction.  Served with an Asian noodle salad and oven roasted sidewinder fries

Oven Baked Battered Hoki (fish) Focaccia $22.50

With grilled zucchini, Spanish onion, tomato, shredded mozzarella, lettuce and a homemade mayo served inside a local made Panini roll. Served with an Asian noodle salad and oven roasted sidewinder fries

Moussaka $22.50

Fresh garden picked eggplant lightly grilled, Greek style beef mince with tomato, Spanish onion and seasoning with a cheesy bèchamel sauce

Vegetarian Lasagne $22.50

Fresh garden picked eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and sweet potato layered with a tomato and butter bean sauce with a cheesy bèchamel sauce

Dips of the Day $13.50

Balsamic/oil, homemade Dukkah plus 2 x Dips served with Bread & Crackers

Cheese Board $17.50

With 2 x Cheeses, 1 x Dip, Dried Fruit, Fruit Paste, Grissini and Bread & Crackers

Grazing Board for Two $36.00

Chefs Choice: Comes with Dips, Buffalo Wings, Cheeses, Patè, Terrine, Fruits and a variety of tasty bits and pieces. Accompanied with crackers & locally made bread.

Ask us about our delicious desserts available­­­


Cellar Door

RESTAURANT & CELLAR DOOR is open from late September through to the end of April each year. Operating days are from 11AM SATURDAY & SUNDAY (or by arrangement for Weddings & Private Functions). 

Experience superior Cool Climate Wines and in a spectacular setting…

Our Cellar Door has recently been renovated and has been designed to make the most of the spectacular mountain, vineyard and garden views.

Seasonal table setting in the vineyard when you visit our Cellar Door you will be taken on a wonderful and exciting journey, learning about the winemaking process- from budburst through to final fermentation.

A simple seasonal menu compliments your Wine Tasting experience, so why not stay a while and enjoy a light meal? We invite you to relax, enjoy and revive…

Wines & Fortified’s at their best


At an altitude of 600m, this is one of the highest vineyards in Victoria. The climate and soil type are comparable to the higher altitude wine growing areas in Europe. In addition to this, clean Estate spring water, clear air together with very cold winters, hot summer days and cool nights makes for intensely flavored high quality grapes.

Annapurna has 100 acres of grapes in 2 locations, under its own management at the Estate. Our supply of Australia’s best grapes is something we’re really proud of. We work hard to source as much as possible from local producers, and we buy fruit from up to 28 growers

Fruit from multiple sites scattered around the slopes of the Great Dividing Range results in a wide variety of flavours and elements which manifest themselves in the wines, due to the differences in soils, weather conditions, and other factors which are manipulated in order to make our wine great

Experience our Cool Climate Wines


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